Does college prepares us enough for the real life

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The Rising Cost of Not Going to College

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Does the High School Curriculum in the U.S. Actually Prepare Students for the Real World?

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Does education prepare you for life?

School CAN prepare you for adult life, but there is no guarantee; you must take school, like life, into your own hands. One point brought up by anti-schooling proponents is the lack of direct correlation between school and "reality," i.e.

life without a teacher directing what is mandated. As Achieve reveals, "To close the expectations gap and better prepare students for college and the workplace, states must first ensure that high school standards reflect the real-world skills and knowledge students need to be successful after they graduate.".

Chalking more young adults living with their parents up to not having a real life education is lacking in real life experience. College tuition has gone up along with text books. You can’t work a summer job to pay for your college education anymore. This post is co-published with NPR’s health blog out the story for updated information about this year’s flu shot from a CDC medical officer.

Once again, flu season is upon us — and so are all the misconceptions, excuses and worries that have kept so many people away from getting their flu vaccines.

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